Proposed Online Accessibility Act in US Congress is Bad for Digital Inclusion

[January 10, 2021 Update: The bill described in this article failed to pass the U.S. Congressional Session that ended on January 3, 2021. Another bill can be introduced again, but with a Democrat in the White House and Democratic control over the House and Senate, it is unlikely a bill with the flaws described here will become law. Read an article on the Society for Human Resource Management website that alerted me to the bill’s demise.] [Original article begins here] On October 1, 2020 a “bill to amend the Americans with Disabilities Act” was introduced in the United States House of Representatives. Titled the “Online Accessibility Act” with the number H.R. 8478, the opening paragraph might sound appealing to advocates for digital inclusion. A deeper look reveals dangerous legislation for those who care about civil rights of disabled people in the digital age. I seriously doubt this bill will become…


Accessibility test pending.