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Promise and Potential: The Employment Angle of Accessible Self-Driving Cars

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When it comes to employment supports—those resources we all need to access employment opportunities and perform our jobs effectively—transportation is one of the most impactful. After all, your dream job is out of reach if you can’t get there. Thus, accessible and affordable transportation options are crucial to the employability of all individuals, and especially people with disabilities, who often face barriers commuting to work.

In alignment with PEAT’s goal to promote the incorporation of accessible technology into work-related transportation systems, the Ruderman Family Foundation recently issued a white paper entitled “Self-Driving Cars: The Impact on People with Disabilities.”(link is external) The paper examines new self-driving car technologies and their promise for advancing the employment of people with disabilities—as long as developers incorporate accessibility into these technologies from the start. In fact, authors estimate that “mitigating transportation related obstacles for individuals with disabilities would enable new employment opportunities for approximately 2 million individuals with disabilities.”

Self-driving cars show exciting promise to address existing barriers for people with disabilities traveling to and from work. Currently, workers with disabilities encounter a range of transportation supports, including subsidized public transportation benefits, ridesharing programs, and [...]

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