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Welcome to Procure Access! Launched in July 2022, Procure Access is a business-to-business initiative facilitated by Disability:IN and a new component of the Disability:IN Digital Accessibility Program. It brings together companies that recognize the importance of buying and selling technology that is accessible to people with disabilities.

Procure Access companies believe that accessible procurement is essential to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging efforts and is part of the foundation of a disability-inclusive workforce and customer base. The initiative develops and shares best practices for both buyers and sellers in a global cross-industry effort to grow the number of companies with accessible procurement programs.

We invite you to explore our current offerings and join Disability:IN and the companies that have signed the Procure Access Statement in our efforts to make accessibility and disability-inclusion essential components of today’s procurement processes.

  • Procure Access Statement
  • Procure Access Infographic

  • Building Blocks of Accessible Procurement
  • Accessible Procurement Toolkit
  • Accessible Procurement Questions
  • Procure Access Advisory Group
  • Accessible Procurement Resources
  • Accessible Procurement Ecosystem
  • The Procure Access Name

Procure Access Statement

The Procure Access Statement describes the pressing need to expand the number of businesses of all sizes that prioritize accessible procurement. The Statement [...]

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