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Archive of previous conference presentations.

AXSChat May 2018

Archive of the AXSChat for May 25, 2018

Hidden in Plain View

At Beyond Tellerand 2018, I oversell design and accessibility to make a point that accessibility does not stifle creativity.

Hidden in plain view: Bleeding edge accessibility so good you never noticed – Karl Groves – btconfDUS2018 from beyond tellerrand on Vimeo.

noscript is dead. Using JavaScript to improve accessible user experience

At the Fronteers monthly meetup in Amsterdam on November 2016, this presentation discusses accessibility and JavaScript. The first half of this is the same as “Everything you need to know about Javascript Accessibility”, but skip ahead to about 29 minutes in for some different stuff!

To H*** with Performance

At Fronteers Spring 2016. There are scores of concerns, both back-end and front-end, when considering performance. When it comes to accessibility, user performance is also a major concern and extends beyond things like perceived time. While perceived time is very important for UX, accessible user experience intersects performance in that it requires allowing the user to answer one core question as they work with [...]

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