Pit (1903) – Accessibility Teardown – Meeple Like Us

Pit (1903) – Accessibility Teardown
by Michael Heron on 06/07/2019 in Accessibility Teardown, Board Game Accessibility

Table of Contents

  • Changelog
  • Version Reviewed
  • Introduction
  • Colour Blindness
  • Visual Accessibility
  • Cognitive Accessibility
  • Emotional Accessibility
  • Physical Accessibility
  • Socioeconomic Accessibility
  • Communication
  • Intersectional Accessibility
  • Conclusion

Game Details

Pit (1903)

Accessibility Report
Meeple Like Us

Light [1.16]

BGG Rank
1695 [6.39]

Player Count (recommended)
3-8 (4-8+)

Edgar Cayce, Harry Gavitt and George S. Parker

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6/2/2019 – Added in a great point from Darryl Shpak in the intersectional accessibility section.

Version Reviewed

Hasbro English edition 2018

A review copy of Pit was provided by Amazon Vine in exchange for a fair and honest review.


Pit isn’t so much a game as it is an excuse for people to get together and have a good ol’ shout. Sometimes that’s all that’s need to have fun – to provide people a reason to do something they can’t normally do in real life and just pretend there’s a reason to keep score. We gave Pit three and a half stars in our review – not a great game but it does permit you to have great experiences and that can be enough.

Plus it’s a game with a frickin’ bell you get [...]

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