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Job interviews over phone or video

Remote interviews are when you are not in the same place as the people interviewing you. This can be a voice call or a video call.

You might be invited to a remote interview because it’s

  • the first of several interview stages
  • cheaper and easier for employers

Remote interviews have become more common during coronavirus. Many employers are following social distancing guidelines when they recruit new staff.

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  • Types of remote interview
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Warning Find out about the interview

Get advance information about the remote interview format, including clear instructions about how to access video calls. This will help you to prepare and work out if you need reasonable adjustments to make the interview accessible.

Types of remote interview

Voice calls

Where you have a conversation with the interviewers. This is often a telephone call.

Video calls

Where you have a conversation on camera. The interviewers will be able to see you. Some employers use free apps that you will need to download like:

  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • WhatsApp

If the employer uses [...]

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