Paul Parravano: Structured Negotiation Champion, Disability Advocate, Dies at 71

Paul Parravano: Structured Negotiation Champion, Disability Advocate, Dies at 71

Posted on January 5, 2024

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This is an article about Paul Parravano, who died in December at age 71. Paul was a blind advocate and university administrator. He was a beloved family member active in many communities. Paul was a braille champion who served on the Board of the National Braille Press. His advocacy improved access to financial information for blind people across the United States. Paul was a friend and client of Lainey Feingold. He played an important role in Structured Negotiation cases. These included cases with American Express and the nation’s credit reporting companies. Paul was a kind and generous person committed to full inclusion of disabled people in all aspects of life.

When I submitted my book manuscript to the American Bar Association in 2015, an East Coast lawyer reviewer had but one question. It basically boiled down to this: “How the h*** do I find clients who want to resolve legal claims without fighting? With collaboration, calmness, and kindness instead of conflict?”

My answer was and remains simple: Structured Negotiation attracts problem-solvers who value cooperation and relationship-building. As a disability rights and digital accessibility strategy it attracts disabled [...]

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