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Pairing emerging tech with sustainability and inclusivity

By Huawei

Participants of Huawei’s annual Tech4City competition visited Enabling Village to learn how to empower people with disabilities through innovative tech solutions that are inclusive and accessible.

This year's Huawei Tech4City competition focuses on empowering youths to tackle issues such as sustainability and inclusion. Image: Huawei

A cutting-edge technology, such as artificial intelligence, can also be a double-edged sword.

Alvin Tan, Assistant Director for Independent Living and Caregiver Support Division at SG Enable, shared this advice as he spoke to youths on 21 May at the Huawei Tech4City Dialogue 2024.

Held at Enabling Village, the first inclusive community space in Singapore dedicated to integrating persons with disabilities in society, the dialogue session themed “Empowerment with tech” featured speakers from SG Enable, Singapore Management University (SMU) and Singapore International Foundation (SIF).

“As with all technologies, [AI] can be viewed as a double-edged sword – it can be used for good, it can be used for bad,” said Tan.

“We’re starting to see different applications that are leveraging on AI, however it is very much dependent on the data sets. And these data sets tend to be catered to the majority of people, hence there are inherent biases.”

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