Overcoming Disability and Finding Love

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Overcoming Disability and Finding Love

Kevin Brousard, a Paralympic athlete, said “I didn’t consider myself lovable,” until he met Megann Karch.

Credit…Terra Ong Photography

By Louise Rafkin

July 2, 2021

As a child, Kevin Brousard loved the surf vibe of his hometown San Clemente, Calif., where his family lived for several generations. Born with a genetic disability that left him partially sighted but legally blind, he spent many idyllic days bodysurfing, though that didn’t cancel out the relentless bullying and teasing he received from schoolmates. “Some days it was brutal,” Mr. Brousard, now 31, said.

Mr. Brousard, who is 6-foot-5 and 250-plus pounds, was known growing up as “Mouse.” In high school, he sought to join the track team, an idea nixed by the coach who said he was at risk of being injured on the field.

But Mr. Brousard pushed his case and prevailed, excelling at both shot put and discus throw. He also joined the [...]

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