Outdoor dining adds obstacles for people with disabilities

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‘I am not in the way’: Outdoor dining adds obstacles for people with disabilities

While outdoor dining might be safer, it makes spaces less accessible for people with disabilities.

Oct. 27, 2020, 1:59 PM UTC / Source: TODAY
By Meghan Holohan

One thing Robin Wilson-Beattie enjoys about San Francisco is that it’s pedestrian-friendly. She often walked to do her laundry, buy groceries or grab food while easily moving her walker down the wide sidewalks. Since outdoor dining has taken over as a safer alternative to dining indoors during the COVID-19 epidemic, Wilson-Beattie, 42, faces more barriers while running errands.

“I have had to maneuver past diners that were partially on the sidewalk and having to go around diners and wait staff. I am not in the way: I am a pedestrian trying to walk to a place,” the disability and sexuality educator told TODAY. “I’m a little more on display because people are sitting and eating food and looking [...]

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