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Note to Retailers: Chip and Pin Upgrades Must Include Real Keypads

Posted on December 16, 2014

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In 2015 stores in the United States will be getting new checkout devices.  The new machines will work with a new type of payment card called a chip and pin card.  Nobody should have to tell anyone else their personal identification number (PIN) when shopping.  All retailers should have point of sale machines with real keys people can feel.  That way blind people can enter their own PIN without help.

In 2015 retailers across the United States will be upgrading checkout technology to accommodate new payment cards. The new cards, with ‘chip and pin’ technology, are not swiped through a checkout machine. Instead they are inserted into point of sale devices and held there during the transaction. Customers must also use a PIN — personal identification number — during the transaction. The upgrade is an opportunity for retailers across the country to eliminate an access barrier that has plagued blind shoppers for a decade: flat screen machines that don’t allow customers to independently enter their PIN if they can’t see the screen.

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The upgraded cards are designed to increase security and prevent fraud. [...]

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