No Thanks (2004) – Accessibility Teardown – Meeple Like Us

No Thanks (2004) – Accessibility Teardown
by Michael Heron on 15/02/2020 in Accessibility Teardown, Board Game Accessibility

Table of Contents

  • Version Reviewed
  • Introduction
  • Colour Blindness
  • Visual Accessibility
  • Cognitive Accessibility
  • Emotional Accessibility
  • Physical Accessibility
  • Socioeconomic Accessibility
  • Communication
  • Intersectional Accessibility
  • Conclusion

Game Details

No Thanks! (2004)

Meeple Like Us

Light [1.14]

BGG Rank
463 [7.05]

Player Count

Thorsten Gimmler

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Version Reviewed

English Edition 2015


No Thanks is a marvellous design for a game. It’s like a behavioural economics experiment in a box, teaching you which of your friends will jump on a grenade to save the group. Spoiler – it’s probably none of them. We gave it four stars in our review, although it has to be said I feel that the shine does wear off somewhat with repetition. The sharpness of the character observations it permits is very pointed, but there’s only so much you can do in the end with the insights. Still a game that is very much worth your time though.

Or… is it?

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