New tools for designers from IBM Accessibility

For Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2022, let’s give a shoutout to designers, who play a critical role in accessibility. IBM Accessibility is proud to offer new free tools for accessibility in the everyday work of designers. The tools support both applications and web content.

  • Streamlined designer guidance in the Equal Access Toolkit
  • Accessible Design Kit for Figma
  • Accessible Design Kit for Sketch (demo)

Accessibility topics designed for designers

The IBM Equal Access Toolkit is both an introduction and handy reference resource for practicing inclusive design. This major new release is based on user feedback. We have edited our original content from 121 topics down to 54. We’ve added new visual examples, simplified the navigation, clarified the language, improved the search, and added review checklists.

The design topics cover user experience, visual and content design. Each topic provides a short explanation, together with visual examples to illustrate core concepts, and links to more information. Instead of the technical language of accessibility standards, we use concepts familiar to designers, with an emphasis on who benefits.

Error message design topic from the Equal Access Toolkit

Topics are divided into three levels of advancement. If you’re a designer new to accessibility, get started at Level 1  then build up from there. [...]

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