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My Journey To Ghost
4th of June 2020

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As I wrote in my last post, this blog has moved from WordPress to Ghost recently. Ghost is a modern publishing platform that focuses on the essentials. Unlike WordPress, it doesn’t try to be the one-stop solution for every possible use case. Instead, it is a CMS geared towards bloggers, writers, and publishers of free and premium content. In other words, people like me. 🙂

After a lot of research, some pros and cons soul searching, and some experimentation, last week I decided to go through with the migration. This blog is hosted with the Ghost Foundation’s Ghost(Pro) offering. So not only do I get excellent hosting, but my monthly fee will also be a donation to the foundation and help future development. They also take care of updates for me and that everything runs smoothly. And through a worldwide CDN, the site is now super fast no matter where my visitors come from.

The following should, however, also work the same on a self-hosted Ghost installation. I am not consciously aware of anything particular that would only work on the hosted Ghost(Pro) instances. So no matter [...]

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