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Multi-Function Button

January 3, 2021; 2 Comments

Table of Contents

  • Example
  • The HTML
    • Live Region
    • Button
    • Decoration
    • Accessible Name
  • The Styles
    • Hide the Live Region
    • Color and Contrast
    • Active
    • Animations
    • Text Resize and Reflow
    • Windows High Contrast Mode
  • The Script
    • The Click Event
    • Manipulate Outcomes
  • Screen Reader Output
  • WCAG Success Criteria
  • What This Does Not Do
  • Wrap-up
  • Samples

In my post Be Careful with Dynamic Accessible Names I talk about cases where a developer wants to change the name of a control on the fly so it can act as its own trigger, message container, and method of conveying the status of a process.

Scenarios where I have seen this control proposed:

  • Download, downloading, download failed, try again, downloaded;
  • Send message, message sending, message failed, try again, [...]

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