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Mostly Coherent Thoughts I like to write. I hope you like to read. 2020 Note: Results of labeling lists Posted: 2020.05.02 Note: Using a spacer.gif in 2020 Posted: 2020.02.13 2019 Note: Testing lazy image support, and instead finding another unexpected behavior Posted: 2019.08.08 | Updated: 2019.08.09 Note: Some A11y Project article updates Posted: 2019.07.28 Note: The accessibility of placeholder links Posted: 2019.07.17 Note: Reduced Motion Auto-Play Video Posted: 2019.07.12 output: HTML’s native live region element Posted: 2019.07.10 | Updated: 2020.07.16 External: PSA / tire kicking for a11y Posted: 2019.07.09 | Source: A toast to an accessible toast… Posted: 2019.07.08 Note: Dimmed selects may still be actionable with VoiceOver Posted: 2019.06.21 Note: Link with counter demo Posted: 2019.06.18 Fallback considerations for ARIA role=img Posted: 2019.06.10 Tabindex: it rarely pays to be positive Posted: 2019.05.25 Contextually Marking up accessible images and SVGs Posted: 2019.05.22 Note: Some Accessibility Resources Posted: 2019.05.07…


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