Mobility My Way: Teacher, Off-Roader

Jack Losco, Jr. balances life in the classroom and off the road

By Mike Savicki

Jack Losco, Jr. wanted to be a smokejumper. Yes, one of those specially trained wildland firefighters who provide first attack response, often by parachute, into remote and all too often dangerous backcountry fires. Smokejumpers are as badass and adventure seeking as they are professional, disciplined, and dedicated. They use adrenaline to eliminate adrenaline. They escalate to eliminate.

That’s Jack. He understands, lives, and loves on both ends of the spectrum. He’s a kind and caring teacher, son, brother, and friend to all who know him. He is a role model not only to the students he teaches but also to those who know him. And to those who “adventure” right alongside him either at his home in North Carolina or during the summer in the Colorado backcountry, he is an incredible driver, his off-road Jeep a machine of power.

Jack’s story begins in western Pennsylvania far out in the country. Think hunting, fishing, hiking, working, and playing on a dairy farm. Ten acres to be specific. His sister had horses. He and his brothers were always on dirt bikes and ATVs.

“We are, were, and always have been outdoor people,” [...]

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