Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wheelchair Accessible Travel Guide

Milwaukee has a lot of nicknames – Beer City, Brew City, Brew Town, Beertown, etc. – but none of them hit the mark. If you love beer, you’ll love Milwaukee – sure. But Milwaukee is such a beautiful place, with much more to offer than beer and brats. The residents are proud to be Midwesterners, and they’re friendly – whether at the bar, the bus stop or in a line at the convenience store. It is a city with character – something that is increasingly hard to find in the world’s big metropolises.

I traveled to Wisconsin thanks to the support of VISIT Milwaukee, the city’s tourism bureau. They hooked me up with a great itinerary, but I deviated quite a bit to seek out the information you expect from my website. And I have to admit, I was impressed. From an accessibility standpoint, the city is great – even though there are areas for improvement. I think you’ll love “The MKE” too, so read on and explore this wheelchair travel guide.

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Airport Accessibility

Milwaukee Airport offers non-stop service to more than 25 destinations.

Attractions & Sights

This small city has a lot to offer: brewery tours, the Harley-Davidson Museum, boat [...]

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