Microsoft Announces 'Doubling Down' On Prioritizing Accessibility And Narrowing The Disability Gap

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Editors’ Pick|Apr 28, 2021,09:06pm EDT|

Microsoft Announces ‘Doubling Down’ On Prioritizing Accessibility And Narrowing The Disability Gap

Steven Aquino

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Microsoft this week announced a commitment to furthering accessibility technologically and beyond.

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In a blog post published Wednesday, Microsoft announced an ambitious five-year plan in which they pledge to “create and open doors to bigger opportunities for people with disabilities” not merely technologically, but also in the workforce and in the workplace. The plan comes nearly a year since they introduced their equally ambitious Accessibility Evolution Model, based on learnings that previously were kept in-house.

The overarching goal of Microsoft’s plan is to bridge the “disability divide”—essentially, existing barriers—which are part of systemic ableism—that typically preclude disabled people from being successful, contributing members of society. That includes areas such as employment and education, which unsurprisingly in modern times, is largely driven by technologies created by Microsoft, Apple, and others.

The company says the initiative is driven by technology, and will reach every corner of its business. President Brad Smith, who [...]

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