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Meta Announces Voicebox Generative AI Model, Touting Accessibility Implications

Steven Aquino
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Jun 20, 2023,11:42am EDT|

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Earlier this month, Meta announced an audio-based generative AI system called Voicebox.


In a blog post published last week, Facebook parent company Meta announced Voicebox. According to Meta, Voicebox is “the most versatile AI for speech generation.” The software was built with an eye towards assisting with audio editing, sampling, and styling—and accessibility.

What ChatGPT is to text and DALL-E is to art, Voicebox is to audio.

“Voicebox can produce high quality audio clips and edit pre-recorded audio—like removing car horns or a dog barking—all while preserving the content and style of the audio,” Meta wrote in describing the new software. “The model is also multilingual and can produce speech in six languages.” The model was trained using over 50,000 hours of unfiltered audio in English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, and Portuguese.

Voicebox has a 1% error rate degradation, according to Meta.

In the post, Meta says Voicebox can help accomplish a variety of [...]

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