Making a Difference: Leading with LD as a Special Education Teacher

Note: October is Learning Disabilities / Dyslexia / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Awareness Month. 

By: Erin Crosby

The Young Adult Leadership Council, a community of young adults aged 1830 with learning disabilities and attention issues, unite their experiences and voices to advocate for the learning rights community.

With Learning Disabilities (LD) Awareness Month upon us, I have been thinking not only about awareness of what LDs are but how they impact people and how we break the myths and stigma about LDs. I’m also thinking about the amazing, successful leaders with LD that society has not seen as leaders.

Whether we lead in school, the workplace, or for a cause, there are infinite ways to lead with LD.

When I first thought of what it means to be a leader with LD, I thought of my self-advocacy and my time on the National Center for Learning Disabilities.

Young Adult Leadership Council (YALC). I also realized that I was leading by being a special education teacher with learning disabilities.

My teaching philosophy is to change how the world views students with learning disabilities by helping students see that they, too, can be successful students with bright futures. I often use my experience as an LD student to inform [...]

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