Inside Brandon Winfield's Quest To Make The World A More Accessible Place, One Rating …

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Inside Brandon Winfield’s Quest To Make The World A More Accessible Place, One Rating And Review At A Time

Steven Aquino
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Steven covers accessibility and assistive technology.

Jun 9, 2022,07:52pm EDT|

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iAccess Life wants to heighten awareness of real world accessibility beyond things like disabled … [+] parking spots.

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Most people are familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act, at least tangentially. The landmark piece of legislation, enacted in 1990, is more or less the disability community’s equivalent to the Civil Rights Act. The bill was fathered by Tony Coelho, a former Democratic congressman from California. I interviewed him a couple years ago about his life and the bill’s origin story. Thanks to the ADA, as it’s colloquially known, people are aware of physical world accommodations for disabled people such as wheelchair ramps and parking spaces.

Beyond that, accessibility—let alone on the digital front—gets nebulous.

What of accessibility in public spaces? Does the grocery store or restaurant have a ramp for wheelchair access? Does the bar have a disability-friendly restroom? Is the parking lot walkable? [...]

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