Inclusive Casting Agencies Seeking People With Disabilities

Inclusive Casting Agencies Seeking People With Disabilities

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Published: 2024/01/13
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Synopsis: A list of casting agencies seeking people with disabilities to cast in current and upcoming films, TV shows, commercials, photo shoots, print and more. Remember to tailor your search based on your location, as opportunities and agencies may vary by region. Additionally, stay proactive in promoting your skills and unique qualities as an actor or model with a disability.


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If you are interested in being cast in films or photo shoots as an individual with a disability, there are several steps you can take to increase your chances of finding opportunities. Be proactive in seeking opportunities, and regularly check websites and social media channels of casting agencies and organizations that focus on inclusion in the entertainment industry. Additionally, networking within the industry can be valuable, so attending events, workshops, and connecting with professionals can also open up possibilities. See our list of inclusive casting agencies below for further details.

List of Inclusive Casting Agency Websites
DPDCasting – Danielle Pretsfelder Demchick Casting (New York, US)

Danielle is an advocate manifesting change [...]

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