Improving the Hiring Process for Autistic Candidates


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Improving the Hiring Process for Autistic Candidates

By Jill Feder

Published April 16, 2021

Navigating the job market is difficult for everyone, but it is especially challenging for autistic people. The employment process can pose many barriers to this community, even before they apply. Luckily, employers can make a few small fixes that make a big difference in including autistic candidates.

Developing job positions and looking for candidates

Avoid requirements that may unintentionally exclude autistic people

When deciding upon job qualifications for a position, avoid requirements that may exclude autistic people based on their set of abilities. For example, unless it’s absolutely necessary, try not to make interpersonal or communication skills or a job requirement. This is because autistic people may find it challenging to live up to communication expectations made by and for non-autistic people.

Look beyond the resume

The Autism @ Work Playbook (PDF) noted that the resumes of autistic people are not always representative of the extent of candidates’ skills or experiences. Employers should [...]

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