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Improving STEM access for those with disability

Wednesday, 04 May, 2022

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Customised electronic toolkits designed to improve STEM accessibility for those with intellectual disabilities have been developed by Monash University researchers.

TronicBoards, created by researchers from the Faculty of Information Technology (IT), are a range of customised colour-coded printed circuit boards with large controls and recognisable symbols adapted to facilitate easy circuit-making for diverse intellectual abilities.

Lead researcher PhD candidate Hashini Senaratne said a variety of simplified electronics toolkits are increasingly available to help people engage with technology. However, they are often inaccessible for people with intellectual disabilities, who experience a range of cognitive and physical impairments.

“We developed TronicBoards as a curated set of electronic modules to address this gap in accessibility. These boards can be combined with conductive tape and other electronic components, including LEDs, vibration motors, buzzers and push buttons etc to create and demonstrate working electronic circuits,” Senaratne said.

“The design of TronicBoards was informed by workshops conducted by co-author Dr Kirsten Ellis involving 148 adults living with intellectual disabilities. The participants were guided and supported by the researchers and [...]

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