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Identification and Referral

This initiative provides assistance and tools to support state deaf-blind projects in their work to increase identification and referral of children who are deaf-blind. Identifying these children and referring them to state deaf-blind projects are essential so families, early interventionists, and educators can receive the support they need to provide the services children who are deaf-blind require to learn and thrive.

Initiative Contacts

NCDB Support

NCDB provides support to state deaf-blind projects as they engage in systems-change activities to improve identification and referral of children who are deaf-blind. Our support includes:

  • Consultation regarding use of the Early Identification and Referral Self-Assessment Guide to analyze the effectiveness of a state’s EI&R activities and identify strategies to improve them
  • A peer-learning community (PLC) on increasing identification and referral efforts
  • Intensive systems TA on improving identification through work with state systems including Part C, [...]

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