How Trails and Gardens Are Becoming More Accessible


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How Trails and Gardens Are Becoming More Accessible

By Ivy Pope

Published December 16, 2020

Your ability to enjoy your favorite hobbies shouldn’t be solely dependent on having strong vision. While some hobbies, such as hiking, may seem to be fairly visually-oriented, they can still be made more accessible. And they are, thanks to a handful of enhancements like trails with Braille maps, gardens that use senses other than sight, and audio guides and brochures, as reported by the Sierra Club.

What are Braille trails?

These trails are set up to be more accessible for people who are blind or have vision disabilities. Braille trails may have guide rope, a Braille map of the trail itself, Braille markers for informational signs, and mile posts. Some trails go even further, and have an audio guide or an application that you can use with your cell phone. A few trails even have walkways that are tactile, relying heavily on your ability to feel with your hands [...]

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