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Alt text is a hidden accessibility feature we should all be more conscious of.
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Making your online content and social media profiles accessible to the majority of people stumbling across your posts is an intentional practice. From Instagram and Twitter photo descriptions to captioning audio on your TikTok videos, users should be aware of these accessibility considerations. And it’s an important way to make sure your accounts are navigable by people with various disabilities.

Don’t fret: You already have most of the tools at your disposal.


The biggest assistive technology and accessibility triumphs of 2023 (so far)

One of the easiest ways to make your profiles more accessible is to add alternative text (alt text) image descriptions to your posts. This simple practice has the potential to help the millions of Americans(opens in a new tab) who use assistive technology to access the internet, from people who are blind or have low vision to many others who use screen-reading devices. Once written, the descriptions are added to a website’s HTML, making images easier to translate to screen readers, voice controls, or even directly to Braille.

For the most part, alt text is a responsibility of the website [...]

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