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Apple’s accessibility features continue to expand, and for that we are grateful.

The latest iOS 16 upgrade includes additions to Apple’s magnifier tool(Opens in a new tab), which helps people easily zoom into objects using, essentially, an enhanced iPhone camera. The tool will now also include options for automatic door and people recognition, which can be used by blind iPhone and iPad owners to find doors and obstacles in their environments much more easily. As CNBC reported(Opens in a new tab), door detection can also let users know if a door is open or closed, and whether it can be opened by pushing, pulling, or turning the handle.


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Prior to this upgrade, many users relied on third-party apps, like the popular Be My Eyes app released in 2015, to help navigate physical environments, detect objects in a phone’s line of sight, and read text out loud. In 2019, Google introduced its Lookout app, an AI-powered app that scans a user’s environment and announces objects.

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Now, Apple users finally have their own tools to use directly in-device, making it [...]

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