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Education Operations How to make your SMB Web site accessible quickly

Angela West @itbusinessca
Published: October 17th, 2011

Researchers have just come up with a way to turn an iPad into a Braille keyboard–but until this kind of technology is on the market, it’s up to business owners to make sure that their websites meet the needs of clients with special needs.

According to Statistics Canada, about 5 per cent of Canadians suffer from hearling loss and 4 per cent can’t see well enough to read. That affects how they can access and use Web sites. This means that accessibility may have more of an effect on Web sales than you may have previously thought. But what can you do to improve website accessibility for these customers?

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An accessible website will also be friendly to seniors–and small businesses will need increasingly to cater to them. By 2018, almost 24 per cent of the population will be over 55. There are simple measures you can take that won’t require a lot of time, and that your clients will appreciate. [...]

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