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How to Make Your Presentations Accessible to All

Do you remember a time when people around you broke out in laughter, but you didn’t hear the joke?
Be careful not to leave out information for some people in your audience. For example, if you say “you can read it on the slide”, you are probably excluding people who cannot see the slide.


This page helps you make your presentations, talks, meetings, and training accessible to everyone in your potential audience, including people with disabilities and others. Inclusive presentations have many benefits.

Basics (for organizers & speakers)

Be open to diversity in your audience and any accessibility issues. Basically, be aware that some of your audience might not be able to:

  • see well or at all,
  • hear well or at all,
  • move well or at all,
  • speak well or at all, or
  • understand information presented in some ways well or at all.

Organizers and speakers should do things like:

  • ensure the facility is accessible
  • speak clearly into the microphone
  • describe pertinent visuals
  • and other considerations listed on this page

Respect participant’s needs and be open for other accessibility issues. People might have accessibility needs that you didn’t think of. For example: Someone might need to take breaks at [...]

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