How to Make Your Hiring Process More Inclusive to People With Visual Impairments | Built In

Employers are increasingly acknowledging the importance of establishing diverse and inclusive work environments in today’s competitive business landscape. An integral component of this effort involves recruiting people with disabilities, including individuals who are blind or have visual impairments. When provided with appropriate accommodations, these individuals can bring valuable skills and perspectives to the table.

Let’s explore how to hire workers with visual impairments in a legally compliant way, processes for requesting accommodations as well as the opportunities workers who are blind or visually impaired can bring to a workplace.

4 ways to make your job application process more accessible

  • Provide text alternatives for non-text content like images, charts and multimedia.
  • Create easily navigable page structures and menus.
  • Implement captions or transcripts for audiovisual content.
  • Ensure readable visual presentation without reliance on sensory characteristics like shape, size or location.

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Understanding Vision Impairments

Vision impairments encompass a range of conditions affecting one’s ability to see clearly. Legal blindness constitutes having 20/200 vision or less with the best possible correction, meaning an object 20 feet away is unclear to a person with legal blindness, but a person with 20/20 vision could see the same [...]

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