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How to Get Video Captioning and Audio Transcription Solutions on a Budget

  • February 26, 2020
  • cielo24
  • Captioning

Working within your budget is the first step in establishing a successful video captioning and audio transcription program. Even with a smaller budget, it’s possible to create a strong program that will bring strong results to your organization. The ROI of video captions and audio transcripts can be traced back to your efforts, with increased SEO, stronger conversion rates, and successful infiltration into new markets.

Every organization has different requirements for planning a captioning and transcription program. Learning institutions and large organizations are often compliance-driven, which comes with set captioning standards that must be met. Then there are other needs, such as SEO or target market engagement that have more breathing room, yet still must be done professionally and accurately. All of these needs impact which program features you will select and how far your video captioning budget can extend.

cielo24’s captioning and transcription solutions are built to be flexible and are available starting as low as $1 per media minute. Other features available include foreign language translation, flexible account management, and billing, the cielo24 video wrapper, free editing tools, and [...]

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