How to Fail at Accessibility – Slack Engineering

16 minutes • Written 2 years ago

Hi everyone!

My name is Trish, a.k.a. @feesh on the internet, and my pronouns are she/her. Presently, I’m a Front End Engineer at Slack, where I work on our internal design system and component library, called Slack Kit. More specifically, I work with fellow engineers to build React components that comprise the foundational layer of our Slack client, and help to ensure this base layer of components are fully accessible.

A preview of our internal design system documentation for Slack Kit

I’ve been working in the industry as a front end engineer for a bit over a decade at this point, and if there is one thing I am familiar with, it’s failure. But, I’m here to tell you, that’s okay! Failure is normal: everyone fails sometimes, and then we learn, and then probably fail again in an equally spectacular way and learn again. It’s a cycle we all go through, and it’s how we grow as humans.

A fire lizard caught in a cycle of failure

If you’re also a front end engineer, I’m sure you’re equally familiar with this feeling of failure. Browser rendering inconsistencies often feel like you’re in the wild west, [...]

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