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How to Create Accessible PDF Documents

  • These helpful tips on creating accessible documents in Microsoft Word come from the Disabled Students’ Program.
  • It is recommended to use Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign to create your PDF documents, as these programs allow you to save your original document to an accessible PDF format. Creating PDFs with these programs will also save you a lot of time, compared to editing your PDF directly in a PDF editing program like Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  • To ensure best practices for accessibility in documents created in Google Docs (bDrive), a tool called Grackle Docs is available. 

Before proceeding with the below tips, please review the tips for creating accessible Word documents. 

Tips for Creating Accessible PDF Documents

Creating a PDF File

First, you will want to make sure to follow the best practices for authoring accessible MS Word and Adobe InDesign documents.

  • Creating Accessible MS Word Documents
  • Creating Accessible PDFs from Microsoft Word
  • Creating Accessible PDFs from Adobe InDesign

Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Software

If the original MS Word or InDesign document is not available, you may want to use a scanner or [...]

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