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    How Restaurants Can Stay ADA Compliant with Self-Service Tech

    Accessibility requirements go beyond quick-service websites and mobile apps. What about kiosks?

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    July 25, 2023 |

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    Legal cases involving inaccessible kiosks and employee assistance are on the rise.

    The number of Americans living with disabilities is larger than many think: up to one in four American adults or 61 million people (about twice the population of Texas), according to the CDC. Additionally, studies have shown that 50 percent of people with disabilities are online daily, representing about 400 billion in purchasing power.

    Over the past decade, the restaurant industry has embraced the importance of accessibility for websites and mobile apps to meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). But as technology continues to evolve at lightning-fast speed, quick-service restaurants need to be just as rigorous for reviewing the accessibility of self-service technologies, from digital menus to payment systems.

    Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are no longer synonymous with the idea of self-service kiosk devices. Now, it’s commonplace to find service functions performed through self-serve kiosk solutions, especially in a quick-service environment.

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