How Inclusive Web Design Affects User Experience

The web and the internet are some of the most important resources that have helped man in virtually every aspect of life – education, entertainment, information, relationships, healthcare, government, finance, etc. As technology continues to advance, the possibilities of what can be achieved on the web are endless. Hence, it is particularly important that the web is equally accessible for all users regardless of their disabilities.

By International Web standards, web accessibility ensures that website tools and technologies are accessible to people with disabilities- cognitive, auditory, neurological, visual, speech, and physical. In addition to making the web accessible for everyone, web accessibility practices help boost other areas that affect web performance, such as search engine optimization, mobile web
design, and overall user experience.

What is Inclusive Web design?

Inclusive web design is a paradigm of web design that aims to remove all biases and assumptions from a website, making it accessible to all users, including abled users and users with impairments. This way, users are not held back from having a great user experience due to disabilities, demographics, or other temporary or permanent setbacks.

Inclusive web design offers users alternatives to complete task depending on their choices and the option that best suits [...]

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