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How AI Is Being Used To Help Blind Students ‘Visualize’ Graphs And Charts

Gus Alexiou
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Jul 27, 2022,06:30am EDT|

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Roll back the decades, or for the more youthful, a shorter few years, and reflect for a moment on the foundational educational importance of being able to interpret graphs and charts from early high school years onwards.

Imagine then, the experience of young learners with sight loss who, when undertaking vital education in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) subjects, lack even a frame of reference for what a graph or chart is in the first place – let alone the data that it relays.

The complex, data-rich and highly visual nature of such models often renders them refractive to the assistive technology, such as screen readers and electronic braille displays, that visually impaired students might use in the classroom.

Often, the only option available is the [...]

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