Historic Settlement to Make NYC Subway Accessible to Disabled

Historic Settlement to Make NYC Subway Accessible to Disabled

Settlement Agreement Resolves Two Lawsuits Brought Against the MTA by Plaintiffs

Published: 2023-04-26
Author: Disability Rights Advocates | Contact: dralegal.org
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Synopsis: State and Federal courts grant final approval to historic settlement to make the NYC subway accessible to people who need stair-free access. The Agreement also ensures that stations will be made accessible as part of many renovation and rehabilitation projects. In total, the MTA commits that in addition to the 81 stations currently slated for accessibility in the 2020-2024 Capital Program, 85 more stations will be accessible by 2035, another 90 by 2045, and the final 90 by 2055.


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On April 24, 2023 both the Southern District of New York (the federal court) and the New York State Supreme Court (state court) have granted final approval to a settlement agreement that will make the New York City subway accessible for more than half a million people with disabilities who cannot use stairs to access the system. Presently, only about a quarter of stations are usable by people with disabilities affecting their mobility, but under the terms of the agreement, the MTA will [...]

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