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Happy Birthday LFLegal: An Accessible Website Turns 2

Posted on March 10, 2010

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This is a post about the two year anniversary of this website, LFLegal. This web site was designed to be accessible for people with disabilities. Lainey Feingold, the web site owner, has learned a lot in the last two years about having an accessible web site. In this post she gives tips for finding information on this site. The three most important links on the site are the Categories Link, the Archives Link, and the Structured Negotiations link. On the Categories page, for example, you can find all the content on the website organized in different ways. Examples of categories are Talking ATM history and web access press. Another category is accessible pedestrian signal settlements. In this post Lainey also thanks the many many people who have helped her understand web access. [Back to Introduction]


Two years ago today, on March 10, 2008, I launched this website, LFLegal.com. Back then, I had never heard of an anchor that wasn’t on a boat, and didn’t know an ordered list from a market list. But Mike Cherim built me an accessible web site and taught me how to use it. [...]

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