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Steve Kelley

This is the first of two articles on using Dolphin’s GuideConnect software. This article covers the basics of using the applications and getting started. In the second article, we’ll take a closer look at GuideConnect’s email, Web browsing, document writing applications, and also how to use GuideConnect for pleasure and to stay connected and get more informed.

What are the basic things we want to do when we use a computer? Write something, communicate by email, get some information on the Internet? For newcomers to the computer, or those returning to the computer with vision loss, the learning curve can be steep, no matter what physical device is being used—computer, tablet or smartphone. Just getting up to speed with any of those basic tasks can be enough to discourage many users.

Dolphin’s GuideConnect software really seems designed for people who are either new to the computer or who are returning to the computer with screen magnification or text-to-speech. GuideConnect is the latest version of Guide software, which has been around for over a decade. GuideConnect can be installed on a Windows 10 computer or tablet, or be run from a TV using the GuideConnect TV box, which connects to a television [...]

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