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Google Lookout: App reads grocery labels for blind people

12 August 2020



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Google’s AI can now identify food in the supermarket, in a move designed to help the visually impaired.

It is part of Google’s Lookout app, which aims to help those with low or no vision identify things around them.

A new update has added the ability for a computer voice to say aloud what food it thinks a person is holding based on its visual appearance.

One UK blindness charity welcomed the move, saying it could help boost blind people’s independence.

Google says the feature will "be able to distinguish between a can of corn and a can of green beans".

Eye-catching, not easy

Many apps, such as calorie trackers, have long used product barcodes to identify what you’re eating. Google says Lookout is also using image recognition to identify the product from its packaging.

The app, for Android phones, has some two million "popular products" in a database it stores on the phone – and this catalogue changes depending on where the user is in the world, a post on Google’s AI blog said.

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