Google Announces Live Caption for Chrome For Real-Time Captioning

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Editors’ Pick|Mar 18, 2021,12:21pm EDT|

Google Announces Live Caption for Chrome For Real-Time Captioning

Steven Aquino
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Google has announced Live Captions for Chrome, a way to add real-time captions to audio content.


Google on Thursday announced a new accessibility feature targeted at the Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities, called Live Caption on Chrome. The software generates real-time captions for audio content played in Google’s popular Chrome web browser.

The company details the feature in a blog post co-written by Emily Scharff, Product Manager of Chrome & ChromeOS Accessibility, and Madan Kompalli, Product Manager of Speech. Google says Live Captions will work “across social and video sites, podcasts and radio content, personal video libraries (such as Google Photos), embedded video players, and most web-based video or audio chat services.” It works on-device and offline, so audio files stored locally to the machine or an external drive can be captioned; it is already in use on Android phones such as Google’s Pixel line.

Live Caption is yet another example of harnessing artificial intelligence and machine learning [...]

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