Galaxy Trucker (2007) – Accessibility Teardown – Meeple Like Us

Galaxy Trucker (2007) – Accessibility Teardown
by Michael Heron on 14/04/2016 in Accessibility Teardown, Board Game Accessibility

Table of Contents

  • Changelog
  • Version reviewed
  • Introduction
  • Visual Accessibility
  • Cognitive Accessibility
  • Emotiveness
  • Physical Accessibility
  • Socioeconomic Accessibility
  • Intersectional Issues
  • Conclusion

Game Details

Galaxy Trucker (2007)

Meeple Like Us

Medium Light [2.33]

BGG Rank
198 [7.40]

Player Count

Vlaada Chvátil

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  • 08/05/16: Added an entry for communication, which has been added to the tear-downs since the original posting.
  • 08/05/16: Updated the radar chart for the game, to accommodate the additional entry for communication.

Version reviewed

English Second Edition with Spiele Hit Mark


Galaxy Trucker is an exciting and energising game, but it’s also characterised by a distinctive profile of play that is almost unique in board gaming. It is the tabletop equivalent of ‘hurry up and wait’, with bursts of intense, frantic activity followed by longer periods of almost soporifically passive downtime. Let’s look at how we rate it from an accessibility perspective. As with Suburbia, we’ll be using our own bespoke, experimental diagnostic framework for this tear down. Any feedback on what we got right, what we got wrong, and what we didn’t address should be sent to

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