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Freedom Solutions Australia has arrived — 48 years in the making


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Posted 16 hours ago
by David McManus

Nicole [pictured], a Solve-TAD/Freedom Solutions Australia client, is able to get around using the bespoke Freedom Wheels bike, provided by the not-for-profit organisation. [Image courtesy of Freedom Solutions Australia]

Key points:

  • Solve-TAD was founded by George Winston in 1975, as a way for volunteers to provide support to people with disabilities
  • Volunteers were mostly former tradies who retired and were looking to lend their skills to a good cause
  • Freedom Solutions Australia representatives said the rebrand will reflect the values of the organisation and its 250 person workforce

The team at Disability Support Guide love three things: ‘Freedom,’ ‘Solutions.’ and ‘Australia,’ so when Solve-TAD traded in the name they’ve held onto across 48 years of dedicated service — the rebrand came as a welcome surprise.

Freedom Solutions Australia, formerly known as Solve-TAD, is a charity organisation which creates innovative and custom assistive technology solutions for people living with disability. The new name, logo, and brand identity reflect the organisation’s values, mission, and commitment to providing personalised tech.

Using modern technologies such as 3-D printing, laser cutting, circuit board printing, carpentry, and welding, the organisation collaborates with occupational therapists, clients [...]

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