Free Wheelchair Vans From All Things Possible

Free Wheelchair Vans From All Things Possible

Published: 2022-06-20 – Updated: 2022-06-22
Author: All Things Possible Medical Fundraising | Contact:

Synopsis: Providing families in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas with good-quality, dependable, low-mileage free wheelchair-accessible vans.. This is our story about how we help those with disabilities. No other nonprofit in the country is doing what we do – giving away quality wheelchair vans. In just the last three years, we have given away twenty-five vans. The receiving families never need to pay us back a cent for these vans, and the vans are immediately titled in their names. Very often, they are under six years old and under 60,000 miles. We purchase them from a local wheelchair van dealer who thoroughly inspects them, fixes any issues, and provides a one-year warranty.


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Wheelchair Vans
A wheelchair-accessible van is a vehicle that has been modified by increasing the internal size of the vehicle and equipping it with a means of wheelchair entry, such as a wheelchair ramp or powered lift. There are two types of entry configurations: side-entry and rear-entry. The entry location impacts wheelchair seating positions, parking options, the ability to accommodate other passengers, and storage availability. Modifications fall into two [...]

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