For Those Who Need a Little Help with Mobility

For most individuals with partial disabilities who don’t require a fully wheelchair accessible vehicle, there are a number of simple, affordable options that can make life just a little easier.  These options can make the vehicle you already own more comfortable and accessible:

  • Installing turning automotive seating can help eliminate the need to twist and climb into the vehicle. Modifications can also be made to seats to automatically swivel over the doorframe with the push of a button, allowing drivers or passengers to easily get situated with fewer challenges. These seats can be installed in nearly any vehicle, including trucks and SUVs.
  • For those individuals with limited upper body mobility, installing modifications such as low-effort steering and wheel attachments can make driving much easier.
  • For those who are able to transfer into a vehicle without assistance, wheelchair or scooter lifts can stow equipment in the trunk or on the roof of a car, back of a van or SUV, or the bed of a pick-up truck. These systems can be fully automatic or manually powered, depending on the needs of the user.
  • If you need some assistance getting into your vehicle, grab bars and assist handles can make life a little easier to enter, [...]
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