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There is a mountain of great material on game accessibility available online, increasing all of the time. Navigating it can be intimidating, so we have compiled a list of a few of our favourites (in no particular order).

If you think any other sites that should be on here, please get in touch!

Guidelines & guidance

IGDA-GASIG top ten
Ten considerations that make a significant difference to gamers with disabilities

Game Accessibility Guidelines
A straightforward developer friendly reference for ways to avoid unnecessarily excluding players, and ensure that games are just as fun for as wide a range of people as possible.

Accessible Player Experiences (AbleGamers)
22 design patterns aimed at enabling studios to think holistically about disability and the barriers that prevent some players from participating.

Xbox Accessibility Guidelines
A set of best practices that have been developed in partnership with industry experts and members of the gaming and disability community, intended to generate ideas, as guardrails when developing their game and as a checklist for validating accessibility of titles.

Understanding Function to Design for Disabilities (Microsoft)
A reference to provide engineers and designers a way to understand and discuss the [...]

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