Federal Partnerships Creating Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities

By Kathy West-Evans, Director of Business Relations, CSAVR

VR and the IRS: A Partnership that Produces Positive Returns

To fulfill its workforce needs across multiple states, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) partners with the Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation’s (CSAVR) National Employment Team (NET), and the relationship is producing positive returns for the agency and candidates with disabilities alike. 

Reflecting a “dual-customer” approach to workforce development, the NET is a cross-state team of business relations representatives who both collaborate and function as single points of contact at state vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies to support employers of all sizes, including those with multi-state footprints, like the IRS.

To start, the IRS trained NET business relations representatives on the agency’s many employment opportunities, which include not only permanent, full-time positions, but also seasonal and temporary jobs and internships. This training also addressed Schedule A—a noncompetitive hiring authority that facilitates the hiring of qualified people with disabilities by federal agencies—as well as how to help individuals prepare a federal resume. Furthermore, the NET and IRS worked together to implement VR-sponsored on-the-job training with support from other federal partners, including OSERS’ Rehabilitation Services Administration.

The partnership was forged in 2007 by retired [...]

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