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FAQ: Scribe For Meetings

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What is Scribe for Meetings?

Scribe for Meetings is a cloud-based technology that takes a shared presentation on platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and others and renders it into an accessible presentation in real time for print-impaired individuals.

Who benefits from Scribe for Meetings?

First and most importantly, the millions of print-impaired persons who would otherwise not benefit from the information being presented; and, the masses of businesses large and small, government agencies, all levels of education,, and organizations who know little about accessibility but would like an affordable means of making their content more inclusive.

Why should I choose Scribe for Meetings over other products?

We’re confident there is nothing else out there that does what we do quite the way we do it. Scribe for Meetings is the first technology of its kind to synchronize with meeting platforms in real time. Sure, competitors will take note and likely roll out their imitations, and we look forward to the competition ,but unless they plan on competing on price, we feel confident you will find what you need right here.

How does Scribe for Meetings work?

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